Meet the inspirational WOMEN
who star in our
COLLECTION IV campaign. 


Laura Brown

Insta: @laurabrown99

Calling: Editor-in-Chief, InStyle Magazine

Mantra: Envy no one. Underthink it.


Jill Kargman

Insta: @jillkargman

Calling: Writer SLASH actress SLASH radio host

Mantra: Better sorry than safe! (Except with sex).


Madison Utendahl

Insta: @madison.utendahl

Calling: Head of Content / Social, Museum of Ice Cream

Mantra: Trust the timing of your life.


Charlotte Groeneveld

Insta: @thefashionguitar

Calling: Blogger / Influencer, The Fashion Guitar

Mantra: Sometimes you’ve got to move slow to go fast!


Melanie Whelan

Insta: @melanieanya

Calling: CEO, SoulCycle

Mantra: If you think you can, you CAN. Your voice can change the world. 


Sofia D’Angelo

Insta: @sofiadangelo27

Calling: Singer / Writer / Producer

Mantra: Do your best and don’t take anything personally.